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Atenuador del color Unred, de Ardell

De Ardell


Tamaño: 0.068 oz.
Cantidad: uno
Artículo Sally # SBS-240812

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El atenuador del color Unred de Ardell sella el color para que sufra menos decoloración y oxidación.


Ardell Unred Hair Color Drabber
Ardell Unred Hair Color Drabber

Información adicional

  • Compatible with any brand of hair color
  • Works by minimizing brassiness
  • Improves Hi-Lifts

Ardell Unred Hair Color Drabber eliminates unwanted red tones from colored hair. Works in all bleaches by minimizing brassiness. Contains ingredients that will help reduce burning and itching. There is less fading and oxidation because color locks-in and holds. Use between touch-ups to tone down fading, oxidation and brassy casts.
Ardell Unred Hair Color Drabber 3.8 5 34 34
Did the job My brown hair pulls really golden red tones, even when I use ash colors. This stuff worked for me. Also fixed my hot roots. 2 de mayo de 2014
Worked Somewhat I have LOTS of red in my hair any time I try to lighten it, so it's a big job to tone down the red. This did tone the orange/red down some, but didn't completely get rid of it. If you have just slight brassiness, this would probably do the trick. I think I just have to quit trying to lighten my hair. It's just not meant to be. 21 de noviembre de 2013
didn't do anything I had stripped my hair and I ended up with a light brown color with a lot of orange/copper tones. It looked awful, but I was expecting that. So, then I decided to dye my hair with Ion Color Brilliance 8n and 20v developer. That did nothing. My hair did not lighten at all. I was still left with copper ugly orange hair. So, I decided to try this to get the orange tones out. I read a lot of positive reviews so I thought this would work. I added this to my deep conditioner and let it set for 35 minutes. I washed it out and even put some in my purple shampoo and let that sit for 10 minutes. I rinsed my hair, dried it, and I am still left with copper hair! 13 de enero de 2013
Works very good! I do not regret buying this at all!!. I had red hair that i had dyed a darker brown color, and i used packets of these a couple at a time, to help get rid of more red from my dark brown hair and they worked wonderfully as a hair color add in, and also when mixed with regular shampoo they also work. It turns hairdye and shampoo when used together a very scary ashy grey color, BUT, do not be afraid of that, because it works and does not turn your hair grey at all. You will love the results!!. I highly recommend a as a booster for haircolor to help get rid of more unwanted red tones!!!. 23 de diciembre de 2012
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