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Tinte neutro intenso en crema para el cabello Color Brilliance, rubio oscuro intenso, 6NN, de Ion

Color Brilliance De Ion


Cantidad: uno
Color: Rubio oscuro intenso, 6NN
Artículo Sally # SBS-305301

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El tinte neutro intenso en crema para el cabello Color Brilliance en rubio oscuro intenso de Ion tiene una doble dosis de pigmentos para asegurar una cobertura superior de canas para el cabello con más de 50% canas.


Ion Color Brilliance Permanent Creme Intense Neutrals 6NN Dark Intense Blonde
Ion Color Brilliance Permanent Creme Intense Neutrals 6NN Dark Intense Blonde



  • Rubio oscuro intenso, 6NN
  • Rubio intenso medio, 7NN
  • Rubio claro intenso, 8NN
  • Rubio claro muy intenso, 9NN
  • Castaño oscuro intenso, 2NN
  • Castaño oscuro intenso, 3NN
  • Castaño intenso medio, 4NN
  • Castaño claro intenso, 5NN

Información adicional

  • Superior Italian micro pigments ensure deeper color deposit while fortifying each hair strand
  • Nutrient rich PPD free creme formulation
  • Less than 1% ammonia
  • Antioxidant infused

The Ion Color Brilliance palette consists of 4 rich, luxurious neutral shades. The advanced ionic technology utilizes pure ionic micro pigments for deeper, more intense color deposit. Ion Color Brilliance penetrates the cuticle layer of the hair and lodges in the cortex, ensuring 100% flawless gray coverage. Permanent hair color designed for resistant grey over 50%. Enriched with exotic pequi, and argan oil to nourish, strengthen, and protect color longevity.

1:1 mixing ratio. Two ounces of color to two ounces of 10, 20, 30 or 40 Volume Ion Sensitive Scalp Creme Developer. High Lift Blonde series is mixed 1:2 ratio: Two ounces of color to 4 ounces of 30 or 40 Volume Ion Sensitive Scalp Developer. Bowl and brush application is recommended.


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Ion Color Brilliance Permanent Creme Intense Neutrals 3.4 5 12 12
I have used cheap box dyes before and they have always ,made my hair very dry but this dye was incredible. It burned a little but it wasn't enough to make me not use it anymore. I love how much shine there is to my hair now and there was hardly any hair fallout. Way better quality than cheap box dyes. Plus there is a lot more shades to choose from. I would definitely buy it again. I hope the lasting power is good too but I have good expectations for this dye. 4 de junio de 2014
EXCELLENT, BEAUTIFUL. SHINY. I previously used an Ion 8 blonde color for years and I found my grays would show within a couple weeks. Decided to take the plunge and go darker using this 6NN. I would call it brunette but industry folk have said its still blonde. Color matches the swatch at Sally's when the light is not hitting it. Yes, it is dark but it fades just a bit. I used 10 volume peroxide. BEST PART: EXCELLENT gray coverage and people have told me it looks very natural and healthy. I would agree b/c my blonde was looking dry and damaged and now using this color w/ 10v peroxide I know I'm causing less damage and my hair looks thicker, healthier and shinier. I LOVE IT!!! I've also been told it looks like a professional color job. (I did use 2 tubes for shoulder length hair to ensure complete coverage) OVERALL: EXCELLENT product. I'm so very pleased with it and would recommend it to anyone. Yes, it may be a bit darker than you expect but only about 1 level. I think the swatches are very true to color. I also used to use red-drabber when I colored w/ light blonde colors which I DID NOT do with this. My hair tends to redden with color so I did still get a BIT of red but its very subtle and I think it makes the color look more natural. 2 de mayo de 2014
DARK DARK DARK!!! First of all, this product works very well - great gray coverage (and mine are extremely resistant) and a pleasant smell. But - and this is a very big but (heehee) - it is incredibly dark. If you're looking for a dark blonde color, go for the 8 or 9. The 6 is in no way considered a blonde. My hair is normally a light caramel brown, and this stuff turned it serious dark dark neutral brown but without any of the carmel highlights. Just very neutral. I would label it a 4. Crazy stuff! So - use it wisely and check the color chart online here - they are actually true! The dark intense blonde really is dark and intense, just not blonde. 19 de abril de 2014
Great Product! I used to get my hair colored at the salon monthly until it became far too expensive, so I started coloring it myself with boxed color. After a few months my grayish roots were not taking the color like the ends, so there was quite a bit of variation in color from root to tip. I started looking for an alternative and came across the Ion brand. This product is great! I already have medium/dark brown hair and wanted to stay a similar shade but richer results and better gray coverage. My hair is soft, super shiny, and the color is amazing! 16 de diciembre de 2013
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