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Cepillo con cerdas para bebé Jilbere

De Jilbere


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El cepillo de bebé Jilbere es un cepillo con cerdas suaves diseñado especialmente para bebés.


Jilbere Baby Bristle Brush
Jilbere Baby Bristle Brush

Información adicional

  • Soft bristles will not scratch delicate baby scalp
  • Extra gentle for babies
  • Smoohtes fine baby hair
  • Perfect size for little heads
  • Ships in assorted colors

A Jilbere Baby Bristle Hair Brush is extra gentle with soft bristles that smooth hair without scratching delicate baby scalps. Distributes the natural oils from their origin in the scalp to the hair ends. The handle designed to comfortably fit any hand. Makes the perfect gift for the mother to be.