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Polvo decolorante profesional Super Oreal Blanc de L'Oreal

L'Oreal Technique De L'Oreal


Tamaño: 1.13 oz.
Cantidad: uno
Artículo Sally # SBS-500514

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El polvo decolorante profesional Super Oreal Blanc de L'Oreal logra efectos especiales excepcionales.


L'Oreal Super Oreal Blanc Professional Powder Bleach
L'Oreal Super Oreal Blanc Professional Powder Bleach

Información adicional

  • Off-the-scalp application assures a comfortable experience
  • Stays moist and creamy, allowing a self-paced, unhurried application
  • Non-drip, thick, workable paste stays where applied
  • Works only where desired

For all professional frosting and highlighting techniques. Achieve exceptional special effects.
Achieve any degree of lightness in one simple operation by mixing with Oreor Creme Color Developer.
L'Oreal Super Oreal Blanc Professional Powder Bleach 4.8 5 6 6
AMAZING!!! By far the best bleaching system I've ever used! I've been dying my hair for over 10 years now and nothing compares to it! thanks sally<33 8 de diciembre de 2012
Very Minimal Damage I was at dark brown hair almost black. Of course it was boxed dyed before. brought me to a level 6 (orange) in about an hour. Used 30 developer. Very minimal damage, however my hair is pretty hardy when it comes to dyes. My hair was soft when I was washing it? None the less I need to be a level 10 for peek a boo highlights, I'm sure another sitting and I'll be there. NOTE: I did not use this for keeping my blonde hair, nor on my whole head. I need to be a level ten for the Ion bright color dyes. I am doing purple and blue peek a boos. 24 de octubre de 2012
THIS STUFF ROCKS! Zero fumes, zero irritation, no dust and I even do my eyebrows (not recommended but this stuff is creamy enough to do it w/o any dripping), very creamy and easy to apply. Used w/ Clairol 4Plex Soy 30 vol. developer, and got seriously shiny, luminous highlights. Doncha love the satisfaction you get from doing something for yourself that you could pay over 10X the price to get in a salon? 30 de enero de 2012
Ok Purchase I had never purchsed this brand of product before. It did not quite bleach to the color I usuall get with other product I have purchased. 9 de agosto de 2010