Máquina profesional Designer para cortar cabello, de Wahl

De Wahl


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La máquina de cortar el cabello profesional Designer de Wahl tiene una construcción liviana con una velocidad dos veces superior a la de las máquinas con motor de pivote.


Wahl Designer Professional Clipper
Wahl Designer Professional Clipper

Información adicional

  • Twice the speed of pivot motor clippers
  • Long-lasting, high carbon, steel blades
  • Includes six cutting guides 1/8" - 1"

The Wahl Professional Designer Vibrator Clipper is lightweight and specifically designed for "clipper cutting" with adjusto-lock blades and twice the speed of pivot motor clippers. A unique thumb lever adjusts the taper and texture of the cut without changing the high precision blades.


Includes six attachment combs to vary cutting length from 1/8" to 1". Styling comb, cleaning brush, oil, blade guard are included. Operating instructions in English and Spanish.
Your Wahl clipper will give years of satisfactory service by simply putting a few drops of oil on the blades before and after each haircut.