Tinte Beautiful AGS de Clairol, 1A Midnight Black

Beautiful Collection De Clairol Professional


Tamaño: 3 oz.
Cantidad: uno
Color: 1A Midnight Black
Artículo Sally # SBS-320245

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Cubre hasta el 50% de las canas con el tinte semipermanente para cubrir las canas Beautiful Collection de Clairol. Sin amoníaco, sin peróxido y lo suficientemente suave como para usar inmediatamente después del alisado.


Clairol Beautiful AGS 1A Midnight Black
Clairol Beautiful AGS 1A Midnight Black



  • 1A Midnight Black http://demandware.edgesuite.net/sits_pod21/dw/image/v2/AABJ_PRD/on/demandware.static/Sites-SA-Site/Sites-SBS-SallyBeautySupply/default/v1406779377054/images/swatch/SBS_320245.png?sw=100&sh=100&sm=fit
  • 2A Rich Dark Brown http://demandware.edgesuite.net/sits_pod21/dw/image/v2/AABJ_PRD/on/demandware.static/Sites-SA-Site/Sites-SBS-SallyBeautySupply/default/v1406779377054/images/swatch/SBS_320246.png?sw=100&sh=100&sm=fit
  • #6G Light Golden Chestnut http://demandware.edgesuite.net/sits_pod21/dw/image/v2/AABJ_PRD/on/demandware.static/Sites-SA-Site/Sites-SBS-SallyBeautySupply/default/v1406779377054/images/swatch/SBS_320247.png?sw=100&sh=100&sm=fit
  • #4R Mahogany Red Brown http://demandware.edgesuite.net/sits_pod21/dw/image/v2/AABJ_PRD/on/demandware.static/Sites-SA-Site/Sites-SBS-SallyBeautySupply/default/v1406779377054/images/swatch/SBS_320248.png?sw=100&sh=100&sm=fit
  • #2RV Burgundy Brown http://demandware.edgesuite.net/sits_pod21/dw/image/v2/AABJ_PRD/on/demandware.static/Sites-SA-Site/Sites-SBS-SallyBeautySupply/default/v1406779377054/images/swatch/SBS_320249.png?sw=100&sh=100&sm=fit

Información adicional

  • Tones are excellent for refreshing color treated hair
  • Leaves hair feeling moisturized and full of shine
  • Covers more gray for up to twice as long
  • Gentle no ammonia no peroxide formula
  • Use immediately after relaxers

Cover more gray, longer with Clairol Beautiful Collection Advance Gray Solution Semi-Permanent color. A semi-permanent penetrating, saturating color that gives relaxed hair intense gray coverage, while adding back moisture and shine. The gentle formula leaves hair feeling silky soft and looking beautiful. Lasts 10 to 12 shampoos.
Tinte semipermanente para cubrir las canas Beautiful Collection de Clairol
Apply Clairol Beautiful Collection Advanced Gray Solution Semi-Permanent Color directly from the bottle generously and thoroughly to shampooed, towel-dried hair. Process up to 25 minutes at room temperature. Can be used immediately after relaxing.
Clairol Beautiful Collection Advanced Gray Solution Semi-permanent Color 3.8 5 26 26
On my hair...it is red, or dark brown... Started using this product last year, purchased several bottles of Champaign Blond color...which Clairol discontinued. :-( It was a bit purple-y, if left on briefly (before shampooing), and could get quite dark, if left on 20 minutes, under hot dryer. Still it was usable because it would fade a bit the first two shampoos... then it wasn't SO dk.ash. Treating hair with a "filler," (porosity control) also helped improve color. Since i couldn't get the Champaign color ... tried the "chestnut," and suffered the frankly red (iodine color ) until I could put the champaign over it, or tone it with a blue shampoo. So... wish Champaign was still available. Have only partial bottle left. This product is easy to use, doesn't run, it does color... just not the color i want. 5 de mayo de 2014
Really Like It I use this in combo with burgundy brown and mahogany brown which helps give the brown some depth and interest. It is wonderful. I love it and it lasts well for me slowly lightening up with each wash but not gone entirely by the time I need to redo my roots. I am very white in parts of my hair. The rich dark brown can be quite dark so use judiciously; test first on an area to make sure you are not allergic and color is right for you. Be sure to wear gloves (or apply with brush) and cover work area as it is VERY messy. If your hair is white be warned that using the burgundy brown and mahogany brown by themselves without the brown may turn your white hair pink and orange respectively. 18 de septiembre de 2013
just ok I have been battling gray hair for over 20yrs and cannot find a good product to cover completely. So I went to Sally's and thought I would try something different and see. Well I'm not overly satisfied. It's very messy, the dark brown is green and I could not seem to rinse it out! It made my whole shower green and stained my feet and finger nails. My hair did feel soft after I dried it but I still see some gray coming thru. Not what I had hoped. 19 de junio de 2013
Pleasantly Surprised After a serious coloring crisis, this product was my saving grace. I wanted to dye my hair a deep red, but instead the color came out RONALD MC.DONALD red! I was completely distraught, and had to figure out something quickly. I am VERY allergic to both permanent, and demi permanent hair dyes...which made my options slim. I decided to take the gamble, and purchased two bottles of this product in midnight black. Instead of the suggested 10 minutes, I sat for 25 minutes with a plastic cap on my head..and another 25 minutes under a hooded dryer. My hair came out a deep eggplant purple/black. Absolutely beautiful. I didn't give this a full 5 stars, because my hair did not turn all the way black..which was expected since this is not a dye in which developer is used. Overall...VERY happy with this product. I would use again. 30 de mayo de 2013
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